Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Glass Art

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"Reds" - 3.75" W x 5" H - SOLD

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"Blues for Luck" - 3.25" W by 5" H - NFS

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"Green/Purple" - 4.50" Round - SOLD

These are three new works of glass art/paperweights that I recently created. Sorry, all of them are now sold!

Try Painting with Lipstick!

I found the following video very fascinating. I suppose lipstick would be like using oil pastels to paint with. I'll be posting some new glass art later this afternoon...stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Blossoms

"April Cherry Blossoms"
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Well...Spring is finally here! I consider it Spring when my cherry tree starts flowering. The deep blue sky really compliments the backlit flowers in this photo. Unframed 10"x15" prints available for $45.00. Smaller sizes available upon request. To purchase a 10"x15" print, hit the PayPal button below.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orphan Works Bill

This will strip every right to everything we create (PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE WORKS)! We will each have to spend thousands of dollars to register every piece we create in registries that have NOT BEEN CREATED YET, whether it be a sketch, a painting, a doodle, a sculpture, photographs, pottery, glass work, clothing designs, craft work, architectural designs, EVERYTHING!! The government leaves it up to us to create these so-called registries. What is even more of a burden is the time and effort to photograph everything you want protected for these registries!! That means less time to create, and more time protecting the rights to your creations.

ANYONE will have the right to STEAL every piece of our work and it will be up to each of us to research whether there are any infringements!! That means it is our responsibility to search database after database to see if people are stealing our work. Then, if we find people stealing our work, we will have to hire attorneys to go after them and prove it is OUR WORK. Now, that means we would have to spend countless hours, day in and day out, to figure out if others are stealing our work!!!

At this time, the bill does not have a number, so you can't write to your congressmen. They will not listen to anything without a number to refer to.

The only thing you can do is sign up to receive emails keeping you up to date about this issue and then when the bill number comes out, you can fax and call and write your congressmen to STOP this bill.

To get emails to be kept in the loop on this issue, click here and add your email address.

If you have an hour, listen to this interview. It will tell you everything that is happening about this issue.


Yes...I'm "screaming" this message, it's too important to sit back and assume others will fight this possible injustice for you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Glass Art

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Colbalt/Purple - 3.75"W x 5"H - NFS

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Fire II - 4"W x 5"H - SOLD

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"Purple/Aqua/Green" - 3.50" W by 6.25" H - SOLD

Above are three new pieces of glass art that I recently created. The first piece is still available for purchase...but hurry, they go fast!