Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New HDR Photography

I thought I'd take out 2009 with a few new High Dynamic Range photos that I captured last Sunday. These were taken a couple of miles from my house near Browns Point in N.E. Tacoma, Washington. Make sure you click on each photo for a much better view.

I'd love to know what you think.

To all my friends, and followers of my blog...May you all have a very Creative and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Glass Sculptures!

Pictured above: "Violet Swirl" (VR1) - 4.00"x4.25" - SOLD JP-EG
Pictured above: "Violets" (VE1) - 5.25"x3.50" - SOLD (RM)
Pictured above: "Deep Reds" (PRR1) - 3.50"x3.75" - NFS
Pictured above: "Deep Reds II" (PRE1) - 5.25"x3.75" -NFS
Pictured above: "Teal Time" (GTR2) - 4.00"x4.50" - NFS
Pictured above: "Spot of Teal" (GTR1) - 4.00"x4.25" - NFS
Pictured above: "Emerald Swirls" (GTE2) - 5.00"x3.75" - SOLD (mm)
Pictured above: "Evergreen" (GTE1) - 5.00"x3.50" - NFS
Pictured above: "Flames" (FR1) - 5.00"x3.5" - SOLD (mm)
Pictured above: "Ember Swirls" (FE1) - 4.00"x4.00" - NFS
Pictured above: "Cobalt Splash" (BR2) - 4.00"x4.00" - SOLD JC
Pictured above: "Blue Moon" (BR1) - 4.00"x4.00" - SOLD (DK)
All 12 pieces...an explosion of color!

I just created 12 glass sculptures / paperweights...if you don't now what to do with the Christmas money you might receive...you could always purchase one of these beautiful glass sculptures! :) It's a gift that can be past down from generation to generation!
Shipping and handling (U.S. Only) is included in the price (These are heavy, so postage has been averaging $10 to $18 depending on where you live.)

To purchase through PayPal, just click on the drop down menu below. Then select the color and code of the glass you want...then click on the PayPal logo.
If you do not want to use PayPal, you can email me to arrange payment:

Make sure the one you select is not already sold. There may be a case where multiple buyers want the same piece - if that happens, the first one to purchase the piece will get it. The other buyers will have their PayPal accounts credited.

By the way...these look ten times better in person! Make sure you click on the photos for a larger, more brilliant view.