Sunday, October 26, 2008

West Hylebos Wetlands

The West Hylebos Wetlands is equal parts wildlife refuge, ecological and hydrological conservatory, nature trail, and just plain natural wonder. One of the last remaining bogs in South King County, Hylebos’ wetland wilderness lies just one mile west of I-5 in southern Federal Way. It's easy to reach and easy to explore this rare urban nature park.
Walking the park’s one-mile-long boardwalk immerses visitors in a forested wetlands that existed before Europeans settled the Puget Sound lowlands and affords a unique opportunity for nature study and reflection.
Red-legged frogs inhabit the park’s slow waters and the mysterious Deep Sinks while flying squirrels traverse the distant canopy overhead.
Almost hidden by the activity above, the wetlands works its wonder on water flowing into the park through the many tributary streams. The wetlands slows and purifies this surface water, protecting Hylebos Creek and recharging the Redondo-Milton Channel Aquifer that supplies water to Federal Way, Milton, Fife, and Puyallup.

Enjoy the tour…it was like walking in another world!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

I took these photos this was a chilly autumn day, and the leaves were just starting to turn into beautiful Fall colours. Enjoy the view!

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, on the Nisqually River Delta in southern Puget Sound, was established in 1974 for the protection of migratory birds. Three thousand acres of salt and freshwater marshes, grasslands, riparian, and mixed forest habitats provide resting and nesting areas for migratory waterfowl, songbirds, raptors, and wading birds.

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is one of over 544 National Wildlife Refuges in the United States. Managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in the Department of the Interior, the National Wildlife Refuges encompass over 95 million acres of land for wildlife.

The mission of the Refuge System is to administer a national network of lands and waters for the conservation, management, and where appropriate, restoration of the fish, wildlife, and plant resources and their habitats within the United States for the benefit of present and future generations of Americans.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Western Washington Fair

I just thought I'd share a few photos I took at the Puyallup Fair last Month. This is one of the larger fairs in the United States.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Priest Lake, Idaho - Summer 2008

Every year we stay at Elkins resort located along the sandy shores of Priest Lake in the State of Idaho. It's tucked quietly in the Selkirk Mountain Range of the Idaho panhandle. Crystal clear lakes, old growth forests, towering granite peaks, and pristine waterfalls are just a few of the natural wonders provided by Mother Nature that allow you to slow down, sit back, and enjoy the calm away from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

These are just a few of the many photos I took at this wonderful location.