Sunday, January 13, 2008

The desire of every artist - Improving over time

I had never picked up a soft pastel stick until May, 2005 - that's actually when I got back into my art 30 years after obtaining my Fine Arts degree...another story for later. :)

It's amazing how I have improved in almost three years of creating pastel paintings. The improvement comes from many hours of practice, exploring other artist's techniques, viewing WetCanvas threads, and attending workshops.

Here is one of my first attempts using soft pastels - June of 2005.
"Seaside Before Sunset" - 13"x23" on Canson paper

In September, 2007 - I created one of my favorite paintings -
"Forgotten Field" - 12"x18" on Museum Grade Wallis Paper.


PAFord Pastelist said...


That painting is so absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't wait for you to make prints because I've got to have one!! Let me know how much.


Merethe Torbergsen said...

David, welcome to the world of blogging - it's fun isn't it...?! ;)

That painting is gorgeous...


Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, PSNM said...

These are gorgeous pieces, David!

Sonya said...

Glad to find your blog (via Wetcanvas); I work in pastels quite a bit too. Your work is very impressive; I hope you'll post more soon!

Livecreations said...

beautiful painting :)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I esp. like the Seaside painting. Pastels surely are a wonderful medium!