Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Paintings

"Elkins South Beach" - 11"x13.5" Soft Pastel on Wallis Museum

"Beached" - 11"x17" Soft Pastel on Wallis Museum

I took my 2nd workshop from my favorite artist last weekend - Desmand O'Hagan. I again learned a great deal, from the "master of lost edges and implied detail" - I just love his style, and over the past year I've incorporated much of his style in my own paintings. Granted, this style can not be used with the miniatures I do, but I love using it in larger work.

Many of you know I've recently been creating a lot of glass sculptures, and continue to refine my digital photography skills. So to kick start my soft pastel painting again, I took Desmond's workshop. I'm still tweaking "Elkins South Beach", but it will be finished soon.

Hope you like what you see!

Make sure you click on the photos to get a closer look of this "painterly" style.


PastelGuy said...


Wow! You've got talent...Glass
and pastel! The painting of the beach umbrellas is great in its simplicity. The stroke of ochre on the front umbrella is perfect. If it weren't there, or if were a different color or value, it would have changed the whole piece. I was in Tacoma this summer to see my painting at the NWPS show, and drove by the glass museum on the way. It's definitely on my list of places to visit when we have more time.

Keep doing what you're doing!


magicmyst said...

Hi David, I really love these new pastels. They are so soft. The blues and yellows that you have used just melt into each other. Well done! I will have to check our your inspiratiional teacher.Kay

David Patterson said...

Thank you Matthew and Kay...such wonderful comments are so very much appreciated!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely pieces, David. Looks like you haven't lost your touch painting!

The hummingbirds are fascinating too. I keep wanting to paint one but it's difficult to find a willing model!

Laurie said...

Keep the creative fires burning David! You are so talented as it shows in all of your work. If I were to paint a pastel, I would want to paint your style of painting. Your paintings are so beautiful and these especially touch the heart.

David Patterson said...

Thank you Dianna and Laurie!

George C.Martins said...

Hi David its george from WC.
Awesome the bets your second pastel paiting...the boat, detail but not too much...the trees...

great but great job on it....

Anonymous said...

Really like these two pastels. Did you take notes or photos of stages on your workshop? Would love to hear more details about what you learnt, and how it was taught. I haven’t checked WC for ages….have you posted anything about it there?