Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art Glass - 12 New Sculptures!

Pictured above: "Blues & Purple II" - 5.25"x4.00" - SOLD (Janos)

Pictured above:"Blue Swirls" (B1) - 5.00"x3.75" - SOLD

Pictured above: "Mars" (BW1) - 5.00"x3.75" - NFS
There is a lone piece of red glass frit in this piece, which gives this one a very unique quality!

Pictured above: "Fire" (F1) - 4.00"x3.75" - SOLD
Pictured above: "Purple Pleasure" (P1) - 5.00"x4.00" SOLD MP

Pictured above: "Purples" (P2) - 4.75"x3.50" -SOLD LS

Pictured above: "Lavender Dreams" (P3) - 4.00"x4.00" - SOLD (LP)Pictured above: "Magical Greens" (G1) - 3.50"x3.75" - SOLD

Pictured above: "Green Swirls" (G2) - 5.00"x3.50" -SOLD

Pictured above: "Teal and Greens" (G3) - 4.00"x4.25" - SOLD
Pictured above: "Red and Amber" (R3) - 5.25"x3.75" - SOLD!
Pictured above:"Reds" (R2) - 5.00"x3.25" - SOLD

Pictured above: "Red Passion" (R1) - 5.25"x4.75" - SOLD (RM)

I just created 12 glass sculptures / paperweights ...the most I've done in one session. These make wonderful Christmas gifts...a gift that can be past down from generation to generation!

Sorry - All these sculptures are SOLD!


Paula Ann Ford said...

Oh David! These are gorgeous!! I think that big round orange one has my name on it!! ;)

David Patterson said...

Thank you Paula!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

These are marvelous microcosms of color and light, David!

HeartFire said...

Those are gorgeous! I completely relate to going from one media to another, I simply can't do just one thing!

David Patterson said...

Thanks Dianna and Heartfire!

Gary Keimig said...

Very nice and well presented, David. They should be very popular.

Sadia Hussain said...

These are simply gorgeous David !and what a play of beautiful colors! My favorite are the purples. They make a perfect gift.

Laurie said...

"Lavendar Dreams" and "Magical Reds" will always be cherished pieces of art in my gallery David! ;) ~Laurie

David Patterson said...

Thank you Gary, Sadia, and Laurie! An extra special thanks to you Laurie...I hope you have a lifetime of enjoyment when viewing my glass!

Mary Paquet said...

David, you have so many talents in many different art forms. How do you decide which one to explore next? These pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Nice work!!

Porcelain Doll said...

I've been reading and following your blog since sometimes already but this one, Awesome blossom!

Good work and how I wish I can have G1 for my birthday but sold =(
Maybe next one ya?
Keep up the good work!

David Patterson said...

Thank you Fai!

Anonymous said...

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