Monday, June 2, 2008

Glass Sculptures - Fire and Greens

Click on images for a closer look.

"Fire III" - SOLD

"Green and Amber IV" - Not for sale

"Greens and Pinks III" - Not for sale

Creating glass sculptures is quite an experience. Having the glass go from a molten state, to the final form, is something everyone should see or do. If you have the chance to stop by a glassblowing studio, or hot shop, you'll witness an amazing process you'll never forget. I've created around 40 pieces now, and every sculpture seems to take on a life of it's own. You never really now how the colors turn out, until they have been in the annealing oven, and cooled for 24 hours...the wait is sometimes agonizing!.

Those that have purchased one of my glass pieces come to realize that the glass is so much better when viewed in person. What a ray of sunlight does to the glass is pure magic!

The "Fire" piece is 4.50" tall, and the round pieces are 4" in diameter. Be sure and click on the images for a closer look.


PAFord Pastelist said...

What can I say except I LOVE THEM!!! Gorgeous!!

David Patterson said...

Thank you Paula!

Elaine said...

Hi David, I just read a book about creating glass sculptures and the colour and light inside them so I had to come and have a look after reading your post (miniature pastel) at Wet Canvas. These are beautiful. I'm particularly drawn to the fiery one. It must be wonderful to create such 'living' sculptures

David Patterson said...

Thanks Elaine...your comments are very much appreciated!